The 5 best long-term investment assets to invest in after the coronavirus pandemic

Capital investments: has the COVID-19 pandemic upset your investment plans, strategies and territories?
Know what funds and areas to look out for to get back on your feet the fastest after the pandemic?

Are you aware of how long-term investments in some important areas can bring you financial growth and success?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the greatest economic depression ever seen in human history. Aside from the Chinese economy, almost all of the world's major economies have experienced a sharp downturn.

Countries like India, which were the fastest growing economies, saw their GDP drop to -24% due to the pandemic. All of this has led to markets around the world seeing a crash of trillions of dollars wiped out.

For investors, the pandemic brings new challenges. Choosing the right assets to invest in becomes even more important given the trail of destruction the pandemic is likely to leave behind. In this article, we talk to some of the leading financial investors and ask them about some areas where investors can think about fair returns and stability.

List of 5 best long-term investments to consider after the coronavirus pandemic.


The first option on the list is also the most revolutionary and growth-oriented. In recent months, very few financial investments have shown as much promise as bitcoins. This means that cryptocurrencies remain a safe investment bet during and after the pandemic.

If you are looking to buy Bitcoins, you would need to start investing immediately and hold the returns over a long period of time. This will mature your investments, allow you to understand how the markets work, and earn substantial returns over a five-year period.

Blockchain technology

In addition to Bitcoin, blockchain has also earned a credible reputation as a piece of technology, which has far-reaching implications for the world. This means that as an investment area, investors have the opportunity to invest in the emerging blockchain technology.

It's a good idea to invest capital in young and dynamic startups working on blockchain technology. This would allow you to be part of something dynamic and also minimize your risks and exposure through simple, small equity raises in various startups.


Investments in precious metals have never gone out of fashion. However, in 2020 it represents an interesting proposition. The reason for this is that investors should distance themselves from investments in metals such as gold and silver and look for other investment opportunities.

Industrial metals such as rhodium, scandium, osmium and others have immense potential due to their industrial needs. This means that new growth in various industries is likely to drive demand for these metals to astronomical heights.


The startup ecosystem model is designed to let valuations drive your asset portfolio. This means that even if your startup investment makes losses or doesn't break even, its future potential can drive up your profit margins and make your investments look profitable.

Instead of investing in traditional companies, it's always better to buy shares in young startups looking to raise venture capital. Connecting with a startup allows you to learn a lot more and get involved in a new business model.

Real estate

Real estate takes the last place on the list as it is something that is not for everyone. The level of investment required and the uncertainty of the market mean that ninety percent of people will neglect this area.

However, if you are someone with deep financial pockets and want to have a ten-year investment plan for the future, you can park your investments in residential real estate. Please keep in mind that valuations will not rise until demand picks up again.

In this article, we have looked at five major investment areas that investors can consider following the COVID-19 pandemic. All the options mentioned in the article will secure you high growth margins for the near and distant future.