Earn money with online trading

Capital investments: those who travel frequently on the Internet cannot avoid various offers for online trading. There more or less serious offers are presented, how one can book with comparatively low work input a high financial success. Experiencing the fascination of stock market trading on your own computer at home is an entry argument for many people.

Before we go into the details of trading for the non-expert in this article, one thing should be very clear beforehand: Trading is always a speculation. The trader tries to predict a development of the market and realize a profit for it.

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Where are the Swiss FinTech Unicorns?

With a dense network of financial companies, high levels of innovation, political and economic stability, and a large, well-educated workforce, Switzerland is an ideal place to launch a FinTech startup. So what is the reason that there is no world-renowned Swiss FinTech unicorn yet?

FinTech (financial technology) offers new opportunities for the global financial industry to adapt to changing customer needs, reduce costs, save time and make their products accessible to larger parts of the world's population. The innovative use of FinTech enables financial institutions to design and deliver their products and services in a customer-centric and efficient way. As subsectors of FinTech, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data facilitate precise targeting and personalization of products and services, while process automations allow real-time transactions and instant transfers of value. FinTech is changing numerous business areas such as payment transactions, lending, investment management, money transfer, fundraising or robo advisory. The world's best-known FinTech companies include Revolut, N26 or Crowdhouse.

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Does Cryptocurrency Fit in my Financial Plan?

Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, have been grabbing headlines recently with their soaring returns. These novel financial technologies have caused a great deal of public interest. There are certainly interesting discussions being had in regard to cryptocurrency’s possible future role in the global economic system; however, to date, cryptocurrency has struggled to become a viable currency. The extreme volatility that cryptocurrency has delivered has limited its usefulness as either a stable currency or store of value.

Bitcoin Volatility vs. the S&P 500

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"Bitcoin" (plural: "Bitcoins") is the name of a so-called cryptocurrency. This is the name given to digital payment methods based on encryption techniques such as blockchains or digital signatures. Bitcoin payments are made through a peer-to-peer network, not financial institutions. So-called wallets, or digital wallets, map out the proof of ownership in the process. Valid transactions can only be made by the respective owner and monetary units cannot be spent more than once. Bitcoins became known worldwide because they experienced a rapid increase in value a few years ago. They are traded as a store of value, but because they are anonymous, they are also used for dubious purposes. Besides bitcoin, there were about 4 in 2018.500 more cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins have no connection with the lions' den except that the lions' name is misused by scammers.

Beware of bitcoin scams using DHDL fakes

Various scam emails and fake websites mislead users with untruths. For years now, scammers have been taking advantage of the names of celebrities to get their hands on gullible victims' money. Even the good names of Frank Thelen and the other lions are abused in this way. Statements that Bitcoin-related startups would have participated in the show, or that one of the lions would have recommended using a software or investing in Bitcoins, are simply false.

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How a business can start accepting bitcoin payments

GERMANY. Despite the lack of government or corporate support, Bitcoin has gained significant traction over the years. Initially, the mainstream of the financial world was against this virtual currency. But Bitcoin has created a unique narrative. Today, many people see Bitcoin as more than just an idea. It is also a decentralized digital asset with a high return potential. And this shift is attracting all kinds of investors across generations. Also, more and more people are using this virtual currency as a means of payment.

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