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How does a Bitcoin transaction work

A Bitcoin transaction occurs between electronic Bitcoin wallets. They are secured by a digital signature and are open due to the transparency of the Bitcoin network.

This means that all participants in the network can see this transaction, but the sender and receiver remain anonymous. However, the history of transactions can be traced back to when the corresponding bitcoins were produced.

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Why Your Ecommerce Store Should Accept Cryptocurrency For Payments

eCommerce business

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have gone far beyond being just a way to speculate and make money passively. Lately, since they are being adopted far and wide, they have become legitimate currencies to make purchases, which means that people are looking for places to use their crypto. They aren’t just looking to day trade or wait for the all-time high to sell.

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Why to get a loan in Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin is frequently used as collateral in crypto loans: people want to make some instant profit from BTC lying in their wallets. Hodling Bitcoin has been quite profitable to date, and selling it today to turn a quick profit doesn’t look like a wise idea in the long term. That’s why people bring their Bitcoin to the loan services to get some stablecoins in return for the temporary storage of their funds, plus an interest fee.

Bitcoin is a lucrative investment trusted by millions. So why are we writing this? Is there a problem with Bitcoin?

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What is Crypto Art?

In simple language about a new player on the art market. Crypto art is digital art that is prized as physical due to the ability to prove ownership of it.

The authenticity of the original work is confirmed by his signature on the raft, evaluations of art critics, and scientific expertise. The authenticity of the crypto-picture is confirmed in possibly even more reliable ways, using the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology.

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Why Stablecoins are the Backbone of the Crypto Markets


In previous articles we have already covered decentralized forms of stablecoins such as DAI and Terra UST. To reiterate, decentralized stablecoins were created as an alternative to centralized stablecoins. As we will discuss further in this article, decentralized stablecoins are truly censorship resistant and are impossible to fully regulate. However, there are always some trade offs.

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Sports betting strategies

Sports betting is gaining more and more popularity. Numerous sports fans try to gild their expertise with a betting tip or two. Especially among soccer supporters there are known to be thousands of "little national coaches" who always know everything better anyway.

As confident of victory as the bets are approached, there should actually only be winners among the users. However, the numbers and statistics show a completely different fact – the majority of sports bettors rake in whopping losses.

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Where Does Your Organisation Stand on the Essential Eight Maturitys Scale?

Ransomware continues to be a global threat, and cybercriminals using ransomware pose a significant risk to Australian organisations and households. The latest ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report highlights there were nearly 500 ransomware related cybercrime reports received, an increase of 15 per cent from the previous financial year with ransom demands ranging from thousands to millions of dollars.

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